The Love Story

Everything & everyone has a story to tell.  Style is our medium & we are sending out letters of love.

Love Dazed is an eco-conscious accessories brand & shopping experience here to help you more closely connect with your inner divine.


the story

With a deep rooted passion & heavy hand in design, we've felt compelled to lend our voices to the slow fashion revolution. Guilty and turned off from so many ugly sides of the industry, Love Dazed was inspired to bring romance back to the table


During the quest to make big, bold & beautiful earrings it was important to us that no one be left behind. We played with a variety of colors, shapes & sizes before landing on the lightweight arch that now serves as a symbol for our statement. We are all equal, we are all light, we are all love.


the earring

Spun from one of a kind fibers that have been proudly sourced from small towns in the North Carolina Mountains - the ones with the blue ridge. // Our show stoppers have been twirled and sealed with cherished mantras that our designer picked up along her very own journey back to love.  Each pair has been blended with the perfect amounts of strength, courage & grace aiding in the cause to look good cause you feel good, opposed to the other way around. 


the mission

 Aiming to make the world a better place, we’re just decorating it at the same time.

We believe in the ripple effect, and what better to way to trickle our love through this earth walk, than to start right from the source.  We strive to empower women from the inside out -  to let their light shine. The more light we bring into this world, the higher our chances are of combatting the dark.  Here at love dazed, we believe love & light are one the same. 

🧡 🧡 🧡

meet the maker 

 Sara Brinson,  the visionary behind Love Dazed has always had an extremely apparent passion for the arts, with a heavy hand in all things fashion.  Things seemed to magically click when she realized she could send out her message of love through a fusion of her creative outlets, hence the beginning of the brand. The very first collection released under Love Dazed was a reflection of her experiences with mental health & her extremely personal journey with self love.  Sara believes it is important to let your heart light the way & allow your desires to fuel your fire. Her romantic sense of wonder + mountain roots have molded her style into what it is today.



XO 💋